Why You Should Go for LED Lighting ?

With the rapid growth of technology and industry, the use of led lights in India is gradually growing more and more. Businesses these days would choose LED light over the traditional fluorescent or incandescent lights due to a lot of factors that make this light-emitting diode so much better. It’s more efficient, effective, and applicable for a wide array or uses. Here are 6 great reasons why you should choose LED lights over any other light.

Energy Efficiency

By efficient we mean they require less energy than ordinary lights but produce so much more than the usual. Electricity nowadays tend to increase and in order to use it properly you have to know how much you can preserve. Using LED lights can reduce costs by 70% to 90% without lessening the level of brightness.


Compared to the usual CFL light, LED light is a much more competent choice. CFL lights usually last up to 8,000 hours and incandescent lights only shine for about 1,200 hours. LED lights can last so much more. It takes as much as 60,000 hours or 6 to 7 years of constant use for them to wear out without dulling its brightness whatsoever.
Whether it is your local home residence or your five-star hotel or restaurant, it’s an investment that is sure to last long for years.


With LED lights, you can decide and choose how these lights can create a welcoming ambiance for your office, restaurant, or even home. They come in a variety of color and can be used for a lot of festivities like outdoor parties, celebrations, and holidays. You can dim them to create different moods for the atmosphere. Want to feel soft and relaxed? How about alert and fully alive? Or would you like to set the mood and make yourself fall asleep faster?

Environment Sustainability

One of the traits of a highly successful businessman is their resourceful characteristic. They find ways in order to promote their business yet at the same time, value their reputation by encouraging the safety and growth of the environment. Unlike other lights, LED lights have no use for mercury. They don’t heat up and raise the temperatures. There’s no need to feel any sort of burn when you touch them because they don’t produce harmful energies. Their ultraviolet and infrared radiation are at the minimum, and maybe even none at all.

Helps in Reducing Harmful Emissions

In terms of the welfare of our ozone layer, LED lights release less carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and nuclear waste. Fluorescent and incandescent lights can release up to 2500kg of these harmful emissions in a year, LED can only discharge about 200kg annually.

Reduces maintenance costs

LED lights use less power yet generate the same level of brightness for long periods of time. They not only give you an assured longevity, but they give you less electricity costs! Due to its long-lasting and energy-efficient properties, you don’t have to worry about constantly replacing light bulbs if you choose LED. They lead to a noteworthy cost saving when it comes to maintenance and replacement workload.