Power Grid

Solar Net Metering

How does it work?

Based on available roof area, solar PV panels will be installed on the roof of the buildings. The output of the panels (DC Electricity) connected to the power conditioning unit/inverter which converts DC to AC. The inverter output will be connected to the control panel or the distribution board of the building to utilize the power. The inverter synchronizes with grid and also with any backup power sources to produce smooth power to power the loads with preference of consuming solar power first. If the solar power is more than load requirement the access power is automatically fed to the grid.

Operation & Maintenance?

There are no moving parts in the system and it requires only minimal attention. Depending upon the dust level the system requires periodic cleaning.


  • The grid connected solar roof top PV system would fulfil the partial/full power needs of large scale buildings.
  • Generation of environmentally clean energy.
  • Consumer becomes generator of his own electrical requirements.
  • Reduction in electricity consumption from grid.
  • Reduction in diesel consumption wherever DG backup is provided.
  • Feeding excess power to grid.