About us

EarthSun Green Power & LED Lights

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Who we are
EarthSun is Karnataka’s finest direct solar sales and Service Company.Our main activities are product design,assembly, sales,installation and servicing of existing solar products,as well as LED lights for greater energy efficiency.
What we do
EarthSun provides solar energy systems to both residential and commercial customers looking for alternative to unreliable electricity with frequent power cuts and also who wants to save money.Solar powered systems are very cost effective with 2-3 years of payback periods for both commercial and residential customers in both urban and rural areas.
Meet us HERE
If you want to meet us directly and talk business then, below is the address where you can find us assembling our products and building design for different customer needs:-
No.34/22, 20thcross,
1st Block Rajajinagar,Near Navrang Theatre,
Why choose us
We at EarthSun do business directly with customers avoiding the middlemen such as dealers which gives transparency to customers about our products and prices, also gives us an opportunity to provide products to our customers based on their individual needs rather than imposing the standard products built which may or may not cater their financial and daily needs